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Auto Delivery

Auto-delivery from Home Care Nutrition is a great way to continue receiving the products you enjoy on an ongoing basis, without the hassle of constant re-ordering or making bulk orders and storing the products yourself. Auto-delivery is easy to use, providing ongoing delivery of your favorite products, shipped on your schedule.

What is Auto-Delivery?

Auto-delivery allows you to set a schedule to continue receiving the products you use on an ongoing basis, without having to keep coming back to re-order. We will store your information in our secured databases, and continued orders will automatically be submitted and billed at the frequency you selected. No more re-ordering every month, no more hassle. Just receive the products you love, right when you need them.

How do I sign up for Auto-delivery?

Signing up for auto-delivery is easy! When adding select items to your cart, you have the option to set an auto-delivery schedule of every week, every two weeks, or every month. Simply click the button for how frequently you would like to receive the orders, and then proceed as normal with your checkout. Any product purchased with a delivery schedule will then automatically be re-ordered for you at your selected schedule. Remember, the auto-delivery date and frequency you select will dictate when the order is created, not when the delivery itself will occur, and standard ground delivery applies. You can set up different schedules for different products, adding as many products as you like, and receiving them however frequently as you would like. No more needing to log on again and again, re-ordering over and over. Just set the schedule and let your favorite foods and beverages come to you!

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How long will I keep receiving the orders?

The auto delivery will continue to run for as long as you would like, and can be stopped at any time. If ever a time comes where our products are no longer needed, you can simply cancel your recurring orders by logging into your Account Management area here on the Home Care Nutrition site. Here you will find any auto-delivery schedules you have set up, and they can be cancelled at any time.

Can I adjust how frequently I receive my products?

Of course! Adjustments are made simply by deleting your current schedule from your Account Management area, and setting up a new schedule with a new purchase. Maybe you found something new you want to switch to, or maybe you are consuming them faster than you thought you would and need to speed up delivery! All adjustments can be handled from within your Account Management area here on the site.

If you have any additional questions about the Automated Orders and Delivery, please feel free to Contact Us and we can answer any and all of your concerns to the best of our abilities. Happy shopping, and we appreciate your continued enjoyment of the Home Care Nutrition line of products!