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American Cancer Society


HORMEL Vital Cuisine™ will be sponsoring American Cancer Society events such as Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and Relay for Life all over the country.

We are also donating HORMEL Vital Cuisine™ products to several ACS Hope Lodges.

Powerful nourishment

high-protein shakes and whey powders provide essential nutrients that you can easily drink or mix into food during your treatment for cancer.

Great flavor, smooth texture

We know that smells and tastes affect you differently during treatment, and eating and drinking can become problems. So we've thoughtfully crafted the taste and texture of HORMEL VITAL CUISINE™ products for your enjoyment.

Convenient dietary support

branded shakes come in re-sealable single serve bottles you can close and refrigerate to drink each serving gradually. And, you can prepare our powdered whey mixes to be as rich and thick as you like.

Cancer Nutrition Consortium Approved

"Most cancer patients are too tired to make a meal, or even shop for it. Yet the importance of good, consistent nutrition during cancer treatment can't be overstated. HORMEL VITAL CUISINE™ products are a great way to get it."

Dr. Bruce Moskowitz Physician, Chairman of the Cancer Nutrition Consortium View Member Institutions

Nutrition, Quality of Life, Cancer Treatment & You.

Alongside other factors—including your type of treatment and type of cancer—nutrition has a big influence on your overall quality of life as a cancer patient

Get the right nutrition every day. When started as early as possible, improvements you make to your nutrition as a cancer patient can result in decreased rate of complications.

Higher lean body mass. Lean body mass includes all the components of your body that aren’t storage lipids. In other words, all the fat-free parts of you.3

Higher lean body mass supports better response to cancer treatment. - Better treatment tolerence
- Better physical strength
- More physical activity1,2

Hormel Foods Believes Patient Nutrition Matters

Hormel Foods believes in making lives better through nutritious, enjoyable food. That’s been our company’s commitment since 1891. Lately we’ve taken that commitment to a new level, helping patients get critical nourishment when eating isn’t easy. We’ve teamed up with the Cancer Nutrition Consortium (CNC) to create the HORMEL VITAL CUISINE™ brand—a line of convenient, high-protein shakes and whey powders. The CNC’s top oncology nutritionist and master chefs provided the dietary and culinary expertise that we’ve put into HORMEL VITAL CUISINE™ products. While providing dense nutrition, HORMEL VITAL CUISINE™ products taste good, and are specially crafted to go down easy.


A Portion of Each Purchase Helps The CNC

Whether you’re experiencing cancer treatment or caring for someone going through it, we’re with you in your treatment journey. We’ve developed HORMEL VITAL CUISINE™ products to help you meet the challenges of treatment. And every time you make a purchase you're helping others, too. Hormel Foods gives a portion of all HORMEL VITAL CUISINE™ brand sales to the Cancer Nutrition Consortium. The CNC is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve cancer patients’ quality of life by raising awareness about their experiences with food, taste and nutrition during cancer treatment.

1. Kadar L et al. Ann NY 2000; 904: 584-591    |    2. Andreyev HJ et al. Eur J Cancer 1998; 34: 503-509    |    3.; accessed April 2015